[ConfigMgr] New FAQShop Articles 27/08/08

A couple of new articles today looking at Queries. The first Can I limit the number of results returned by a Query? looks at the new feature in ConfigMgr that allows you to modify the number of results ConfigMgr returns when running a Query before it stops execution directly through the Admin Console (although you can still do it through the Registry as in previous versions of SMS).

The second  Why do I not see the "Run" and "Run Query Special" options when I right-click on a Query? explains that even though in parts of the Product Help it mentions using the “Run” and “Run Query Special” options these aren’t in fact available in the product (so I’ve sent an email to Microsoft highlighting this so that hopefully this can be corrected in a future version of the product documentation included with the product itself).

Published Wednesday, August 27, 2008 9:32 AM by chobbs
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