[ConfigMgr] Published in Computer Weekly (12-18th August 2008)

You may recall my blog post Making folks aware help is available “out here”.. where I was commenting on Computer Weekly’s How to manage your software assets article which included the comment from the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity being overwhelmed with the amount of information ConfigMgr returned.

So I decided to send the following letter to Computer Weekly (which was published in the latest issue), which will hopefully raise awareness in the user community that ConfigMgr help is “out here”:

Help available to Microsoft Configuration Manager Users
Cliff Hobbs
Microsoft MVP ConfigMgr/ SMS

I read with interest your article "How to manage your software assets" (
computerweekly.com/231760.htm), especially the comments made by Joy Jerram of the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity concerning her experience of Microsoft's Configuration Manager.

I agree that Configuration Manager has it's nuances (as do all of the systems management products in the market), but one of the key differentials when it comes to Configuration Manager over other products is the vast amount of information available not only on Microsoft's own website but in the wider user community from websites, blogs and user groups.

The prime reason for my setting up FAQShop.com and co-founding the UK Windows Management User Group (WMUG) is to facilitate the sharing of information, help and experiences.

If Jerram or any of your other readers are experiencing Configuration Manager issues there are plenty of folks in the community willing to help and share information.

Published Tuesday, August 26, 2008 5:32 AM by chobbs
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