[Rant] Windows Live Mail – Come on Microsoft you could do better…

So after reading how good Windows Live Mail was and thinking I could use some of it’s cool new  features earlier this week I made the jump from Outlook Express and took the plunge with Live Mail.

Now although it’s very pretty I do have some MAJOR gripes with it:

  1. Why is mail delivered to each Inbox of the account it’s received on and not to the "Inbox" of my local Storage Folders so I have everything in one place stored locally?
  2. Why when I start Live Mail are all the account folders and “Storage folders” folders expanded by default? Why can't it "remember" my last view?
  3. Following on from 2. when I want to move something to a folder why is EVERY folder expanded? I want the ability to see just the top level folders and then drilldown to the folder I want.
  4. Why is there not the option to install an English UK dictionary only an English US one (would be nice to be asked the language during the install or even better for the installer to look at what language the OS is using)?
  5. Why is changing the font such a nightmare? I hit the font dropdown box in my message and I have to scroll to the font I want. Why can't I just start typing the name of the font as in Word and for it to jump down the list matching as I type?
  6. What is it with Microsoft and numbered lists? Why is it not easy to change the font and size of the bullets? Or even better MATCH the size and font of the numbering to the text I'm adding the bullets to (don’t worry Expression has the same problem).
  7. Why is mail not stored in my local "Sent Items" folder but in the "Sent Items" folder for the account it's sent from?

I’m going to continue battling on with it but I may end up switching back to OE if this all gets too tedious.

Marks out of 10: 6

Published Friday, August 22, 2008 3:52 AM by chobbs
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