[ConfigMgr] Making folks aware help is available “out here”..

I was interested to read in the latest copy of Computer Weekly an article on managing software assets (it’s not online yet otherwise I’d link to it).

What really caught my eye was a comment from Joy Jerram of the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity. It seems they tried using ConfigMgr to help get to grips with their software assets but were overwhelmed with the amount of information ConfigMgr returned.

This to me demonstrates a couple of key points here:

  • ConfigMgr’s ability to go out there to discover information and help you get to a handle on things (isn’t too much information better than not enough?)
  • Maybe the lack of awareness of some folks that help is available “out here” from the community if they need it.

I’ve sent an email letter to Computer Weekly with my comments hoping to raise awareness that help is available should folks need it. I’ll keep you posted if it gets published.

I’m also going to try to get in touch with Joy to get more information on their experiences.

If any of you using have experienced similar issues I’d be interested to hear about them and how you resolved them (if you have), so we can maybe get something published somewhere to help those new to the product who might feel inundated when they first try to use it.

Published Monday, July 28, 2008 9:37 AM by chobbs
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