[Misc] Wasn’t life SO much simpler before computers…

I subscribe to numerous discussion lists, which the majority of time offer some GREAT information. But there are times when a question or topic gets started that I’m not really interested in.

Now wouldn’t it be cool if when you received such a message you could just hit reply and type “NO” in the message body and send it back to the list server which then automatically filtered out any messages being sent to you on the same topic.

Now of course I think you’d need one hell of a list server on the back end to be able to do all this filtering.

Plus I guess there’s a tradeoff between the amount of traffic that would be saved by only targeting content to those that want it Vs the opt out traffic coming back to the list server.

Then I guess there’s the tradeoff between just doing nothing and spending time wading through the mountain of information whenever you need to find something Vs watching what’s coming into your Inbox and opting out accordingly.

Sure in Outlook you have Rules and the ability to group posts by Subject (not very manageable when have a few thousand messages with different subjects) but this doesn’t really solve the problem in my opinion.

All I know is that the sheer amount of information I’m getting coming into my Inbox keeps growing and the amount of time I have to review, manage and sort the wheat from the chaff is forever decreasing. Wasn’t life SO much simpler before computers.

Published Wednesday, July 09, 2008 2:44 PM by chobbs
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# re: [Misc] Wasn’t life SO much simpler before computers…

As quickly as topics change - even in threads with a different subject - you'd end up missing out something you were interested in.  So, Outlook rules are the best way to accomplish this.  Before computers, we weren't quite so lazy.  :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008 10:20 AM by rodtrent

# re: [Misc] Wasn’t life SO much simpler before computers…

It's not what we're lazy - before computers (and the Internet) the world was a very disjointed and disconnected place.

With the advent of the net the world definetly became a LOT smaller and with it came the tidal wave of information we have today - sifting through it is the problem, not being lazy ;-)

Thursday, July 10, 2008 9:30 AM by chobbs