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The ConfigMgr Doc Team write some great content and plenty of it. But I have a SERIOUS problem with the way Microsoft organise content on their site.

For starters they are STILL suffering the issue whereby they have some content in the Product Pages and other/ different content in the TechNet side of the house (for example I’m currently speaking to Microsoft about why the SMS 2003 SP3 content is different and not up-to-date on the Product Page Vs TechNet, when the Product Pages to me is the obvious place people will look first).

Then there’s the whole Documentation Library search facility. It’s good that you can limit your search to just TechNet, Microsoft.com or Live search. However, to me this isn’t granular enough. When I search TechNet I want the ability to be able to search JUST parts of TechNet such as the Doc Library and NOT have results returned for forum threads and other places on TechNet.

Speaking to Jeff Gilbert from the Doc Team he sent me the information below (thanks Jeff), which some of you might found useful. However:

a) How many people know about this? (Hopefully a few more of you after this blog post ;-)

b) How many people will be able to remember this syntax?

c) Why can't this be included in the Search options?

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking the ConfigMgr guys as they are trying their best and it’s not their technology, but fingers crossed if enough of us kick up a stink about this we MIGHT be able to get things changed.

Feel free to post your thoughts/ comments here as I’ve raised with the powers that be in Microsoft.

Here’s the info Jeff sent me:

“From How to Use the Configuration Manager 2007 Documentation Library (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb693895(TechNet.10).aspx) :

Searching on the Web

If you use the search bar on the actual TechNet page, your search results will contain many links to information not contained in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library. If you're looking to search only within the Configuration Manager Documentation Library itself, you can narrow the scope of the search by defining the site information to search by using the following syntax:

site:technet.microsoft.com "configuration manager"

Follow that up with the actual search terms you're looking for within the Configuration Manager Documentation Library to initiate the search. For example, if you're looking for service principal name requirements and you want to see only information returned that has to do with service principal name requirements for Configuration Manager, your complete search string would look something like the following:

site:technet.microsoft.com "configuration manager" SPN


site:technet.microsoft.com "configuration manager" service principal name

If you have Internet Explorer 7.0, you can create a custom search provider to focus only on the Configuration Manager Documentation Library.

To create a custom search provider in Internet Explorer 7.0

1. Open the search engine of your choice, and search for site:technet.microsoft.com "configuration manager" TEST.

2. Copy the resulting URL from the address bar.

3. Go to http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=110098.

4. In the Create Your Own section, in step 3 of that Web page, paste the results that you copied in step 2 of this procedure.

5. In step 4 of the Web page, type a name for your search provider. For example, you could call it ConfigMgr Library.

6. Click Install.

7. Open Internet Explorer 7.0.

8. In the top right corner of the screen, type your search term and then click the arrow next to the magnifying glass button.

9. From the drop-down list, select the name you entered for your search provider.

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