New KB Articles At Microsoft 16 Dec 2007 - Weekly Summary

Internet Explorer 6.0

945007 An Internet Explorer Automatic Component Activation (IE ACA) update is available to disable the "Click to activate" behavior

942615 MS07-069: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer

942202 After you install and uninstall some toolbar items in Internet Explorer 6, toolbar names may become blank, or unrelated toolbar items may appear

843289 Proxy server settings are not set correctly in Internet Explorer after you download a proxy script that uses chunk encoding

SQL Server 2005

945896 FIX: Error message when you run a complex query in SQL Server 2005: "The query processor ran out of stack space during query optimization"

945770 FIX: The DBCC CHECKDB statement takes longer to run on an x64-based computer than the statement takes to run on a 32-bit computer when you run the statement against a database in SQL Server 2005

942657 FIX: You have to enter the old password of a SQL Server login when you try to change the password of the login by using SQL Server Management Studio in SQL Server 2005

945068 Some visual elements in SQL Server Management Studio lose functionality when you register many instances of SQL Server

944968 FIX: A minidump file is generated, and an error message is logged in the SQL Server error log when you run the DBCC MEMORYSTATUS statement in SQL Server 2005

943389 FIX: You must restart the SQL Server service on the principal server after you resume the SQL Server service process from a debug tool in SQL Server 2005

944677 FIX: Conflicts are not logged when you use the Microsoft SQL Server Subscriber Always Wins Conflict Resolver for an article in a merge replication in Microsoft SQL Server 2005

943388 FIX: The witness server crashes and a minidump file is generated in the SQL Server 2005 log folder when you manually failover database mirroring in SQL Server 2005 build 2239

945374 You cannot compile a SQL Server Compact-based OLE DB application for Windows Mobile 5.0, and the Transact.h file cannot be found

Windows Internet Explorer 7

939944 The text size setting that you specify is not applied to all Internet Explorer 7 windows that you open on a Windows Vista-based computer

943141 Some customized security settings for the Trusted sites zone in Internet Explorer 7 are reset to the default values on a Windows Vista-based computer

Windows Server 2003

943509 Description of the Jet 4.0 Database Engine hotfix package for Windows XP SP2, for Windows Server 2003 SP1, for Windows Server 2003 SP2, and for Windows Vista: October 23, 2007

946165 Detection and deployment guidance for the December 11, 2007 security release

945631 A Windows Server 2003-based terminal server cannot locate the Terminal Services license server

945085 How to add the C09 display specifier to Active Directory on a Windows Server 2003-based domain controller

945344 The "Serial number" attribute of a self-signed certificate has a negative value when you call the CertCreateSelfSignCertificate function to create the certificate in Windows Server 2003

944340 The time stamps are incorrect after you apply update 928388 and then change the time settings to a year that is earlier than 2007 in Windows XP and in Windows Server 2003

945397 The values that appear for DHCP option 81 and the corresponding GUI meanings that are shown in the DHCP MMC snap-in in Windows Server 2003

941569 MS07-068: Vulnerability in Windows Media file format could allow remote code execution

941568 MS07-064: Vulnerabilities in DirectX could allow remote code execution

945778 Error message when you install a network adapter driver on a Windows Server 2003 64-bit-version-based computer that has more than 32 processors: "Stop 0x000000D1"

944275 MS07-068: Vulnerability in the Windows Media file format could allow remote code execution in Windows Server 2003

Windows XP Service Pack 2

937894 MS07-065: Vulnerability in Message Queuing Service could allow remote code execution in Windows XP and in Windows 2000

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