More on Skype...

OK I've got a fix for the Skype issue I mentioned yesterday:

First backup your contacts as you're going to uninstall the software (my contacts came back when I re-installed but I wasn't taking any chances - from the "Tools" menu select "Advanced | Backup up Contacts to File..." then provide a filename/ location).

Then uninstall Skype.

Reboot (I think this is VERY important)

Re-install Skype BUT on the "Install" screen click the "Options" button.


Uncheck the very bottom option to install the Skype plugin for IE


Finish the install and fingers crossed all should be well (if your contacts don't come back you re-import them using the backup you made earlier.

No official explanation what is going on yet (awaiting a reply to my Support Ticket). More details as I get them.

Published Friday, November 30, 2007 8:24 AM by chobbs
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