Kalen Delaney - Controlling and Reusing Query Plans Friday 16th November

This from Tony Rogerson SQL Server MVP and founder of the UK SQL Server User Group

"I've secured Kalen Delaney SQL Server MVP and leading SQL Server author on her 20th year of working with SQL Server anniversary tour to do a full day seminar in Reading, the seminar is close to my heart, being a consultant I see many problems and when I get consultancy at different clients with the same problems revolving around parameter sniffing and poor procedure cache usage then it sort of hits you that a lot of other folk are probably having these problems too and probably aren't even aware of it.
Kalen will cover these topics:

  • Tools for Analyzing Query Plans
  • Plan Caching and Plan Cache Metadata
  • Plan Reuse and Parameter Sniffing
  • Managing Plan Cache and Preventing Cache Bloating
  • Overriding the Optimizer
  • Plan Guides
  • Plan Management and Plan Caching Futures

Price is GBP199 ex VAT considering how much a consultant like me charges to come in and fix a problem this is an absolute bargain.

For information on Kalen's event:

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