New KB Articles At Microsoft 12 Jul 2007 - Weekly Summary

Internet Explorer 6.0

930620 Description of the Jet 4.0 Database Engine post-Windows XP SP2 hotfix package: January 25, 2007

939204 A Web page loads in Internet Explorer 6 instead of in the WebBrowser control when you use an application that hosts the COM version of the WebBrowser control

SQL Server 2005

934734 FIX: A database is marked as suspect when you update a table that contains a nonclustered index in SQL Server 2005

938050 FIX: Error message when you try to synchronize a SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition subscription again: "The common generation watermark is invalid at this replica since it does not exist"

937517 FIX: Error message when you commit a distributed transaction that contains a query that retrieves data from a linked server in SQL Server 2005: "Transaction manager has cancelled the distributed transaction"

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