A few changes to the Configuration Manager Site Map...

I've made the following what I hope are improvements to the ConfigMgr Site Map*:

  • Each topic area now has it's own page - putting everything on one page was starting to make navigating the page difficult
  • Addition of RSS feeds for the blogs - Beside each Blog you'll now see the RSS icon that links to the RSS feed for that blog making subscribing to it easier for you
  • Addition of the TechNet Chats page - Several ConfigMgr TechNet Chats are planned as detailed on this page
  • Addition of the Information icon at the bottom of each Topic page to make navigating back to the Site Map easier

As always let me know what you like dislike, whether I've missed anything etc.

* For those of you not aware of the ConfigMgr Site Map, the reason I created it was because of my previous nightmare experience of TRYING to find information on the Microsoft website as it tends to be scattered across all manner of different places. It's goal is simple - to provide a complete list of ConfigMgr content available on the Microsoft website broken down by topic to make finding it (and all of our lives), easier.

Published Monday, July 02, 2007 10:50 AM by chobbs
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# A few changes to the Configuration Manager Site Map...

I've made the following what I hope are improvements to the ConfigMgr Site Map *: Each topic area

Monday, July 02, 2007 7:17 AM by chobbs