MMS Day Three - Wednesday 28th March

Attended the keynote:

SMS 2003 SP3 will be available in April


  • Live Asset intelligence coming – Your Site Server connects over the Internet to a server in Microsoft to receive updates to the Asset Intelligence catalog
  • Automatic OS image management and deployment for servers and workstations
  • Intel Active Management Technology integration
  • Dell, HP and IBM catalogs
  • DCM

Virtual Machine Manager

  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) looks pretty cool especially as it can do lots of things "on the fly" and convert VMWare images to VMM issues - this might convince me to try Virtual Server/ Virtual PC again as at the moment my preference is VMWare.
  • Demo of integration with SCOM – SCOM reported a problem with a server having network problem.  A wizard was run to take the SCOM recommendation of moving the VM to another host to resolve the issue which it did on the fly and seamlessly.
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