MMS - SY05 - SCCM What's New in Software Distribution

Attended this session and made the following notes: 


Branch DP

  • Can install on XP/ Vista machine
  • Need lots of disk space
  • No auto deploy of Branch DP – Need to assign to specific machine so no fallover like with SMSNomad
  • Up to 2,000 per site
  • Doesn’t support Internet clients – these Clients can only use Standard DPs
  • Package Maintainence Task – Specific to Branch DPs to ensure Package up to date
  • MOM MP supports Topology and Events for Branch DPs


  • BITS enabled – can schedule/ throttle
  • Distribute on demand – Computer in boundary requests Package.  SCCM targets the Package to the DP where the Client sits – don’t need to manually add the DP to the Package (whahoo..!!)
  • Manual content provision – Can preload software on machine, ship to Site and when it comes online will sync in without resending the content
  • Also supports DVD, CD, Robocopy, etc.
  • Clients don’t use BITS to transfer from the Branch DP as assumption is clients are “local” to the Branch DP + removes the need to install IIS on the Branch DP

Can specify specific drive to use for Branch DP – can’t specify for regular DPs through the MMC though :-(


SMS 2003 Clients CAN use Branch DPs in mixed version hierarchies


Copy Package Wizard

  • New “Copy Package Wizard”
  • Setup new DP
  • Run the Wizard – select DP, select Package(s) (includes support for Folders – like Explorer), browsing supported to select a DP and then all Packages on that DP are copied to the new one


  • When create Collection/ Advert can specify if it needs WOL
  • Unicast (default) and subnet directed broadcast
  • Magic Packets sent from Site Server – can control when they are sent and how often



  • Hardware and Software needs to support WOL
  • Timezones supported


  • Binary delta replication
  • Large Packages with small changes – only the changes are sent
  • Site to Site
  • Site to DP
  • DP to Branch DP – necessary support for this on XP/ Vista machines acting as Branch DPs supported
  • Configurable per Package as calculating the differences between changes to small packages is pointless
  • Leverages Windows R2-based technology


  • Can persist in Client Cache
  • Client side clear cache function


  • Maintenance Windows supported
  • Program re-run – never, always, if previous success/ fail
  • Protected DP fallback
  • Notification settings per Advert over how often users receive notifications


  • Optimised evaluation algorithm
  • Maintenance windows supports
  • Policy Poling Interval – can specify how often a Collection updates


Client side interaction

  • Branding support
  • Run Advertised Programs improved
  • Consistent experience for new available updates
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