For all you MMS Newbies - don't be afraid...

... we're here to help.

MMS can be a bit daunting for anyone that's never been before (I know I found it a bit daunting being in an area with thousands people none of which I knew and trying to work out what I should do).

But things have DRASTICALLY improved since then and we're here to help.

If you're a newbie to MMS and want some great hints and tips on how to survive (which equally apply to those that have been to MMS before), then pop along to 20-D this afternoon (Monday) at 16:30 where Warren Byle will give you his Top 10 hints on making the most from MMS.

The session is called "SC31 - Conquering the Summit An Insider's Guide (A freshman orientation)". 20-D is part of the Ballroom. Head for the first floor and it's down the right-hand side towards the back of the Conference Centre.

I'll be there along with other MMS veterans to answer any questions you have. Once Warren has finished his presentation we'll split the room off into the various geographic regions so that folks from the same region can get to meet and greet each other - nothing formal or fancy.

Please don't feel intimidated whilst at MMS - enjoy. Don't think you're alone and don't have any friends - you know what I look like so come on up and introduce yourself - I don't bite - promise Wink


# myITforum Daily Newsletter - MMS 2007 Edition; April 2, 2007

myITforum Daily Newsletter - MMS 2007 Edition Daily Newsletter - MMS 2007 Edition April 2, 2007 Welcome

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