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What RSS Aggregator and Feed Reader do I use?

This is quite a common FAQ that I get asked and the answer is intraVnews. Why? Well it integrates into Outlook for starters so it's just like manging normal email. I can also post directly from Outlook to my Blog if I choose.

It also supports proxies which is great when you're sat behind a proxy server for some of the time and not others (nothing bugs me more than not being able to update content from the Internet because the software I'm using doesn't support Proxies).

You can try intraVnews for free for 30 days. For more information and to download the software goto:


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MMS 2005 Blog

You guys know I'm a big fan of the MMS and this year's is shaping up to be a great event.

Well Martin Dey from Microsoft has started a blog around MMS 2005 which you can access at:

Make sure you check this on the regular basis for updates the MMS, answers to FAQs, etc.
If you're using Microsoft Systems Management technologies this is THE event for you.

Tsunami scams

It is a very sad, sad world we live in. If the suffering of those poor souls and their families who lost their lives, loved ones and literally everything isn't bad enough it now turns out there are a number of people trying to make money from the generosity of normal kind hearted folk that want to donate to try to help.

So be wary of of where you give your money. The advice is stick to those organisations that are reputable and been around for a while and not someone you've never heard of before. Sure there are many, many folks here in the UK and I'm sure throughout the world giving up their free time to try and collect relief both in terms of money and physical effort to help those in need but unless you are absolutely 100% sure that your donation will reach it's final destination please consider carefully who you give your money too as you could be lining the pockets of these crooks (I wanted to use different wording but this is public blog after all).

If you're in the UK you can contact the Disasters Emergengy Committee on 0870 60 60 900 or online at:


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Site of the Month suggestions

One area that seems to be a hit on FAQShop is our "Site of the Month" where every month we feature a site on our home page that we think others would find useful.

Well to be honest we've run out of sites to feature so if you have a site you'd like to see featured at any point in the future feel free to send the details over and I'll check it out.

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New Articles on FAQShop today

A couple of new articles posted today:

MOM 2005
SystemCenterDTSPackageTask fails
If you’ve installed MOM Reporting and find that your scheduled task doesn’t run this could be why...

SMS 2.0
What Are DWS Files?
If you see files with a *.DWS extension in your ..\SMS\inboxes\schedule.box they're nothing to worry about...

MVP for another year

Well folks,

it makes me VERY proud to announce that Microsoft have awarded me the MVP in SMS for the second year running. This is a great award that I'm very honoured to receive. For those of you who don't know about the MVP, Microsoft award the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award to those people who they feel have made a significant contribution in helping folks use and get the best out of Microsoft technologies.

I love helping people out if I can as I hope is proved by FAQShop.com

Thankyou to Microsoft for the award and thankyou to the Systems Management community for allowing me to share my passion of SMS with you and hopefully help a few of you out along the way.

MMS 2005

For those of you that are new to SMS and MOM you might not be aware of the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) that is held every year in Las Vegas. I know, I know if you say to your boss you want to go to Vegas to attend this they might laugh you out of their office but trust me the joke will be on them as to me this is THE event to attend if you use SMS or MOM.

Not only do you get to see and talk to probably the biggest gathering of Microsoft management folks outside of Redmond at any time in the year you also have a great oppurtunity to meet a great bunch of people all at different knowledge levels with the product that are only too willing to help and share ideas and a beer (or two).

Who knows you might get to meet the odd MVP or two.

To find out more about the MMS use the following link:



Editing Word Documents

I tend to spend my life either in the SMS Administrator Console or Microsoft Word writing and editing documents. One of the biggest pains I've found with Word is you need to edit/ add something to a document but you need to check or copy something from elsewhere in the document. Until now it's been a case of make a mental note of where I am in the document, go hunting for what I need to copy/ check then spend ages working out where I was originally.

Well not anymore. Now I can go off to anywhere in the document and by simply pressing SHIFT+F5 Word zips me back to where I was editing - EXCELLENT.

Pressing SHIFT+F5 again takes you to the previous point where you were editing before the current one, pressing it again the previous, previous, etc.

Hope this tip helps a few of you.

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Would you like a tool that exports Packages, Queries, Collections, etc. from an SMS 2.0 Site to an SMS 2003 Site?

I'm very lucky to be in a very privileged position whereby I have some pretty close links with Microsoft and the folks in the SMS Product Group. I'm keen to use this relationship to give Microsoft feedback on what we in the community want to see, what our pain points are, and how they can help and Microsoft want to hear from us.

Recently I've been asked how you transfer various content from an SMS 2.0 Site to a new SMS 2003 Site and the simple answer is there isn't an easy way unless you upgrade the 2.0 Site to 2003 and make it a Parent of the 2003 Site. There are many cases where you might not want to do this and it seems a bit messy to me.

Now before I start bagging on Microsoft's door about this I want to get an idea from you folks "out there" in the tranches as to how much pain this is causing you as if it's only a couple of you I hope you understand that I don't want to go diverting the Product Group from others things that would make more of a difference to you. Sure it would be great if we could get all of our issue resolved but at the end of the day we have to be realistic.

So feel free to give me some feedback on this and we'll take it from there.

Remember that I like the other MVPs are another resource you can use to try to get answers to your questions and get things done. I can't promise we can always give you the answers you want to hear, when you need them, or in fact any answer at all, but at least if you ask we can try.