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Amazon Adds Follow-up Mode to Allow Strings of Alexa Requests

Amazon Adds Follow-up Mode to Allow Strings of Alexa Requests

Available for U.S. customers only currently, Amazon has added a new feature that allows Alexa customers to make more requests without repeating the wake word.

How it works…

When you initiate an Alexa request using the wake word, the blue indicator light on the Echo device will remain for about five seconds to allow additional requests. However, to get this to work correctly, you have to wait for Alexa to say “OK” that she completed your first command before continuing.

For example, you can say…

Alexa, turn on the bedroom TV” and then, after Alexa says ‘OK,’ you can immediately say “turn off the bedroom lights” and so on…

After about five seconds of no additional voice commands, Follow-up Mode stops. You’ll know Follow-up Mode has stopped because the blue ‘listening’ light will turn off. Additionally, you can stop Follow-up Mode manually by saying “stop,” “cancel,” “go to sleep,” or “Thank You.”

To turn this new feature on…

  1. In the Alexa mobile app or on the web, go to the Menu and select Settings.
  2. Locate and select the device.
  3. Scroll down the page to the Follow-Up Mode toggle and turn it on.


This must be turned on for every device you want Follow-up to work on.

A few caveats…

Follow-up Mode does not work if you are current playing music, listening to an audio book, or you’re making calls. And, some have already reported that Follow-up Mode doesn’t work if the Echo device is connected to a remote speaker via Bluetooth (though we’ve not confirmed that).

Alexa is available for Amazon devices Echo, Echo 2, Dot, Tap, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Look, Echo Connect, Dash Wand, Amazon Cloud Cam, Fire tablets, and Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Edition TVs, in the Music app, but also on iOS, Android, and the web with

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